Mel & Josh {Portraits}

A few weeks ago I got to go hang out with my friends Mel & Josh and take some pictures of them. They are unfortunately leaving this little town of Sterling soon and wanted a few pictures to remember where they started their relationship and their marriage together. These two are so wise and so much fun. I wish I could go back in time and start seeing this couple more often when I moved here. It might be something I forever regret. Anyways, they’re great and here are their photos (well my favorites).
IMG_7316IMG_7329IMG_7350IMG_7356IMG_7364IMG_7369IMG_7373IMG_7377IMG_7394IMG_7404IMG_7412IMG_7435FadedIMG_7447IMG_7487IMG_7475IMG_7513Aren’t they just beautiful? They make taking pictures easy. Trust me.

Mel and Josh, thanks so much for the opportunity to photograph you.

Happy Wednesday! I hope all is well on your end of the screen.
Be back soon,
The Jaderstons