We made it!

Before I go on about Arizona and how wonderful and beautiful it is here – Alfie photos!IMG_1202Me and Alf during the week – I was soaking up some snuggles

IMG_3319IMG_3317IMG_3298IMG_3293IMG_3300We only kind of like him.
Anyways, WE MADE IT TO ZONA! We dropped the pup of at my inlaws and headed to Wichita where we jumped on a plane. Only 2 quick hours later we landed in Phoenix!IMG_1210

We got in pretty late so our first real day of vacation was Tuesday (which also happened to be my birthday). We started the day with a round of golf.

Maddie and I stumbled upon some wild bobcats.IMG_1214Just a pretty photo of the dessert – and then you zoom in and…


It was a momma bobcat so we quickly realized we were not welcome – but I must say that the baby bobcat was just about the cutest baby animal I’ve ever seen. After golf we relaxed for awhile and went to dinner for my birthday. Then we got in the car and drove the airport again where my older sister made her appearance! So far it has been good times since arrival. Today we will do some shopping and maybe some more relaxing. 🙂 Everything about this ZONA lifestyle is wonderful.

More updates soon!
See you soon,
The Jaderstons

Love, The Jaderstons