New Year

I realize this is a little late considering the new year was two weeks ago, but I tend to consider my new year as the full month of January so really I’m on time! It usually takes me awhile to come up with goal or resolutions of any sort. They usually involve some sort of food/bad habit I want to drop but similar to a lot of people I know they don’t last. Well this year – given my previous track record – I decided that I wasn’t going to make a resolution.

However, I did decide to reevaluate. Things moved awfully fast in my transition to Sterling and my transition to married life. If I was going to be completely honest I would say that these last six months have been absolutely wonderful, but also a little foggy. There are still parts of our house that need to be unpacked and lots of places that need decoration. I was so quickly rushed into a job and then rushed out of that job and into a new job and we have spent (what feels like) every other weekend traveling and visiting loved ones or working retreats that my time in Sterling has gotten neglected. I don’t feel as though we’ve settled here but instead are waiting for the next time we need to make a trip out. I would like for this to change in 2013. I would like to settle – to get situated enough to not feel as though packing up every weekend will take over our lives (I might be acting a little dramatically). I would like to feel “home” in this place. We aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and my mindset needs to change.

We are blessed by this beautiful home and to have family so close. I married into a wonderful family and a wonderful church and I’m not about to let these wonderful things slip away from me. This year will be filled with lots of joyful and wonderful things: Mike will graduate college, we will work our 2nd year as directors of the wilderness at Northern Pines, loved ones are getting married, and we will celebrate our first wedding anniversary…

I guess in all of this I’m just trying to remind myself to not let my desire to be elsewhere or the desire to be in a different phase of life get in the way of the beauty in the year ahead. We serve a God who loves more in a moment than I could love in a lifetime and He has set this year ahead of me – planned it perfectly – and I don’t want to miss it.

Oh and I want to get fit. Mike and I joined the gym! And I’d like to remain close to my husband – but who doesn’t want that?IMG_0885

See you soon!
The Jaderstons

Love, The Jaderstons